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The English Private School
  • Parents are requested to inform the administration if their child is sick or going to be absent. Students will not be admitted to their class without a medical report or a letter from the guardian justifying the reasons for their absence.
  • Morning tardiness will not be tolerated and violators (Grades 4 - 12) will be penalized. Gate will be locked from 8.00am, students have to call administration to enter school after 8.00am
  • School and P.E. uniforms are provided by the school at the beginning of the academic year.
  • Students should wear the uniform at all times in school.
  • Girls are not allowed to wear the "abaya" in the school premises.
  • Girls are not allowed to wear make-up including kajal, have long nails, or use nail polish.
  • Girls who don't wear Hijab must keep their hair off their faces, tied back and tidy. No gold jewelry or trinkets are allowed. Coloring thehair is strictly forbidden.
  • Boys must have an ordinary hair cut; no other styles are allowed. Long hair is not allowed. Violators will be sent home.
  • Navy blue or white jackets are allowed during winter.
Books and copybooks are distributed in the first week of school. Parents are urged to provide their children with trolley bags for health safety. Hence, school bags carried on the back are banned.
  • No mobile phones are allowed in school. Violators will be punished and their mobile phones will be confiscated till the end of the school year.
  • No electronic games are allowed and will be confiscated if brought to school.
  • No cameras are allowed without a written permission from the supervisors.
  • No gaseous drinks or glass bottles are allowed. Only fresh fruit juice in carton containers are allowed. Parents are kindly advised to choose only healthy products which don't contain sugar or coloring or other chemicals.
  • "Chips", "Energy Drinks" and fast foods are not allowed.
  • Parents are not allowed into classrooms during classes and shall not hold any conversation with teachers at the classroom door or embarrass the teacher with special requests regarding their children. Instead, parents may coordinate an appointment with the supervisor to meet with the teacher.
  • Seating arrangements inside the classroom will consider the physical requirements of each student, so no special requests by parents will be considered.
  • Assigning students to different sections is solely the school's responsibility. No request to move a student from one section to another will be considered.
  • Parents are requested to participate in all meetings and activities that require their presence and to take note of all letters sent to them.
  • Parents need to follow-up the student's weekly assignment schedule, extra-curricular activities, and teacher's remarks and instructions. Parents must see to it that students study at home on a daily basis without direct assistance, but with guidance and advice.
  • We ask parents to support the school:
    • while making decisions regarding their children
    • in treating the students on an equal basis
    • in showing how important the teacher's role is
  • Mischievous, lazy and frequently tardy students will be detained from school whichever the administration deems necessary.
  • Students using bus are expected to use the assigned bus only. Requests to change buses are not honored unless it is an emergency case and with a written note from the parents.
  • Parents should Contact class teachers only on Thursday 1.30 - 2.00pm
  • Parents may request special meetings with the teachers after coordinating an appointment with the Supervisors. (last Saturday of the month 9.00 am - 12.00 pm)
  • All parents should get the examination schedule which is usually made available one week prior to the examination date. It is very important for the parent before the examination period to:
    • Remind the student of the examination and how to get ready for it.
    • Make sure that the student has received the required material for each subject.
    • Do not embarrass the teacher or school by requesting a re-test if the result is unsatisfactory.
    • Keep all the daily work and exam papers as they will be needed for the preparation of the end-of-term tests.
  • Absence from any examination will not be allowed and no re-test will be conducted unless (Mid Term only ):
    • The cause of absence is sickness which is confirmed and authorized by the administration.
    • A prior written approval from the principal is obtained.
  • Students will respect the times scheduled for each examination; students coming late will be subjected to strict measures.
  • The exams are timed. Hence, no extra time will be allowed for any student without a medical report from a specialist.