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The English Private School
Since its formation in 1983, The English Private School has established a rich tradition as a school that cares. We believe Education should not to be restricted to studying hard and scoring good results. It plays an important role in shaping an individual's career and is a big social responsibility. An educated individual can create a big difference between wrong and right or evil and good. As globalization brings about changes in SOCIETY, ENVIRONMENT, CULTURE, POLITICS and MORAL VALUES, students need to continuously update their knowledge and enhance their personal quality to face a future of Opportunities and Challenges.
In our School, Students come from different nationalities (more than 30 nationalities) and thus have a varied and multiple cultures. The School's Rules & Regulations, Educational Policies, Classroom Climate and other Social activities, all constitute a unique culture for our school and this will help our students to feel as a Single Community.
We have challenging and rigorous academic expectations, in an inclusive environment where barriers to learning are identified, appreciated and overcome together. We aim to develop the leaders of the future, by surrounding children with opportunities to innovate, critically reflect, collaborate and take ownership of their own learning processes and outcomes.